Crystals For Halloween

Crystals For Halloween

Crystals For Halloween

Get some help from the Crystals for Halloween as you explore the other side this spooky season in a safe and successful manner.

Please Remember: Spirit work is not something to be taken lightly. The spirits and other entities are real and can have a very real effect on the physical world. Always be safe and never work with spirits alone, unless you are a very competent practitioner of such a practice. Now, with that out of the way, let’s explore the origins of this spooky holiday and the Crystals for Halloween.

Halloween is believed to have originated from the Celtic-Pagan festival known as Samhain of which was to celebrate the end of the harvest with bonfires, feasts and honouring of the ancestors before heading into Winter. It was a time of wondrous joy and merriment which was to also celebrate the time before the ‘death’ of the Horned God before he was to be reborn in Spring.

It is thought that during the 9th century that the Catholic Church Christianised the holiday to be that of ‘Halloween’ or ‘All Hallows Eve’ which was before ‘All Saints Day’ on November 1st to honour the Saints. That aside, people in the modern day have brought a lot of the old traditions to the now and have adapts them with the likes of trick-or-treating, costumes and parties, rather than traditional feasts.

Along with these celebrations, Halloween has also become a time of exploring the metaphysical worlds also known as ‘the Other Side’. Such a time is when people conduct seances, use Ouija Boards, Read the Tarot and utilise many other forms of divination to contact the Spirit World as the ‘walls’ are very thin at this mystical time.

While there are many crystals for Halloween, here are a few that can help you at such a time.

Amethyst – This is an amazing purple crystal of the Quartz Family that ranges from light to deep purple. It is great for opening the mind through the Third-Eye Chakra to become aware of what is around.

Black Obsidian – This is a wondrous glassy black crystal that forms during lava flows. It helps to provide protection from harmful energies as it reflects the intentions of any entities back at them so that only those who are helpful can come forth.

Chiastolite – This is a brilliant crystal that looks like a literal cross roads in stone. It helps to prepare the space to be a metaphysical crossroads where the realms can meet with ease and spirits can communicate across the veil.

Dragon Jasper – This is an awesome crystal that has shades of green and brownish red running through it. It can be used to call in the dragons to create a mystical ring of etheric fire to purify all energies that enter the space.

Yellow Calcite – This is a mystical crystal that is pale yellow in colour. It can be used for connecting with the Ancestors as it brings in Archangel Azrael’s blessing as he is the Archangel of the Dead.

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