Ancestors – Month Ahead Oracle For October 2021

Ancestors - Month Ahead Oracle October 2021

Ancestors – Month Ahead Oracle For October 2021

The guidance for the Month Ahead Oracle For October 2021 comes with the blessing of Archangel Metatron as this is from the Archangel Metatron Oracle in the form of the Ancestors card.

Quite a poignant card to appear at such a time as this with Halloween around the corner. Halloween is renowned in the modern day for being a time of ‘Trick or Treating’, parties and other festivities where people gather for some fun and to celebrate a great holiday of old. In truth, Halloween, stemming from the ancient festival of Samhain, focuses on the end of the harvest where food has been stored for the Winter and family coming together to celebrate the memories of the ancestors who watch over the families.

Though our ancestors may not be as recognised in the modern day, they are all still around us and there are various ways that they can help us in our day-to-day life. This is predominantly through the gifts that they have passed on to us – both physically through genetics and objects, and metaphysically through the energy imprints they impart to us. ‘My grandmother had a gift,’ is what many say when they work with people in the metaphysical, psychic, or spiritual fields. Now this is more than possible by the way energy is passed from generation to generation like the physical DNA within our bodies.

A way of helping to illuminate these positive gifts is to work with the Archangel of the Dead, Archangel Azrael. Archangel Azrael works to help guide souls to the afterlife, so he has a great connection with the information and an understanding of our ancestors’ previous lifetimes. He can help us all understand what things our ancestors have passed onto us.

By utilising Archangel Azrael’s sacred crystal, Yellow Calcite, you can work with his energy to gain insight into your ancestors. All the while such a crystal can help to provide protection, enhance communication and ensure that the truth is revealed in these dealings with the spirit world. This would help to identify the gifts within us that we have inherited.

Though good things can be passed through the generations, so can bad things. In a similar manner to hereditary diseases being passed along, energetic imprints that draw in various entities can be imprinted within the energy body of the individual. These things, however, can be removed over time in various ways so that the future generations can be free from such things.

In a way, the time of Halloween, being the 31st of October, is quite a blessing as this is, more often than not, before the sacred time of Navratri. This festival is about the Hindu Goddess Durga and her triumph over an evil demon. As she triumphs over him, she frees all people who participate in various activities during this time from the Karmic Ties that bind us to past people, places, and things from various lifetimes – including our ancestors’ negative energetic imprints.

Utilising a White Sage Smudge Stick is a fantastic way to work with Goddess Durga to release the Karmic Ties as it purifies your energy field. This is so that the ties can be severed with ease while keeping anything that would latch onto them at bay. Having some Gold Tiger Eye, like a Gold Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone nearby also helps to bring about her energy as well during such a time of release.

Overall, such a time of Halloween is ideal for not only reflecting on the ancestors, but also for healing and releasing the past so that we can go forth easily and gracefully. During such a time too, remember to stop and say thank you to all those who have gone before us for it is through their wisdom, guidance and their own journeys that we are here today.

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