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The Magick Of A Coloured Candle

The Magick Of A Coloured Candle

While candles have burned for milennia, there is something pretty powerful that comes about when the magick of a coloured candle is taken into account.

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Cleansing Out The Old with White Sage

Cleansing Out The Old With White Sage

Due to the energy that hangs about in our world, there is something quite satisfying about the process of cleansing out the old with white sage.

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Balancing Your Chakras for Energetic Equilibrium

Balancing Your Chakras For Energetic Equilibrium

Taking care of your energetic body by balancing your Chakras is ideal as this will help you maintain energetic equilibrium.

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Power Of Cinnamon

The Power Of Cinnamon

The power of cinnamon is a fascinating topic as this wonderous spice has so many attributes - both physically and metaphysically.

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Crystals and the Chakras

Crystals And The Chakras

With all the information out there, here is a summation of a lot of information regarding the Crystals and the Chakras.

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Halloween: The Time When the Veils Are Thin

Even though it’s Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, many in this Hemisphere celebrate Halloween as it is the time when the veils are thin.

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